About Us

Our History

Formerly located at Kim Keat Road,we moved to Beng Wan Road following an expansion. With over 30 years in the field of Early Childhood education, our centre's curriculum is sculpted using traditional learning style together with the use of technology and play.

It is based on MOE's standards as well as an infusion of biblical principles to help mold the whole child.

Our Philosophy

Kim Keat Christian Church Kindergarten believes in a holistic approach towards nurturing young children in their most early years to develop and acquire desirable moral and social values.



Our Mission

To provide a warm, safe and conducive environment so that the children will be nurtured to be well-rounded individuals.

To provide the necessary education and guidance for the physical, intellectual, emotional and social development of each child.



Our Vision

To see that the children from our school will grow in wisdom and be happy, healthy and vibrant.


Hello  2021 !

A very warm welcome to all parents and students! Wishing you a wonderful New Year ahead! We look forward to working with you  during these times and embark on a journey as partners.